Monday, January 14, 2013

What happened?

Was this the part of Civil Rights Dr. King put his life on the line for?

What happened? Two main things caused this: the Great Society (which economically emasculated the black man and destroyed black families by subsidizing bastardy and unmarried mothers, and the War on Drugs (which was racist from the get-go, btw) made crime pay very, very well, and continues to lock up black men at a horrendously disproportionate rate. The spin-off of that? The glorification of 'gangsta' or 'thug' culture, from the fashion (droopy pants, since no belts are allowed 'Inside') and prohibition-related violence.

Any idiot with half a brain could have predicted that this was a likely outcome of the social policies of the late 1960's and early 1970's, carried through to this day. Of course, our Rules aren't just ANY idiots, now are they? Or *he speculates, adjusting his tin foil hat* did they actually WANT this outcome, where the majority of black men are under the 'control' of the penal/legal system? I sometimes wonder....

Oh, and another 'unintended consequence' of those two things? Black men come out of prison MUSLIM at very high yeah, we're creating our own home-grown fifth column of Islamists with our oh-so-enlightened policies.

Thank you, Oligarchs who Rule Us! Pity most of the bastards who set this up are already dead, and the rest won't ever get the piking they so richly deserve


  1. The Great Society was designed to create and perpetuate a dependent underclass. And as government programs go, has been astronomically successful.

    1. Not only is dependency another form of slavery but every other progressivist plot was racially motivated. Including gun control.

      Blacks have been brainwashed by the psychological technique known as gaslighting. They are kept down by racists who claim to be anti-racist.

    2. has been astronomically successful.

      Blacks have been brainwashed by the psychological technique known as gaslighting

      I learned what gaslighting is today.:) Thanks.