Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The cop-killer bullet myth



Give the administration credit for its creativity. The theatrical show President Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. are putting on in their effort to foist gun control on the public disguises a more subtle push to disarm America in the name of protecting cops. On Monday, Mr. Obama invited police chiefs from towns that have had mass shootings to the White House for a discussion on firearms and, more importantly, a photo opportunity.

(This is a four-part series on dispelling gun myths. Click here to read part one: The Assault Weapon Myth. Click here to read part two The High-Capacity Magazine Myth.)

The administration is harnessing the respect the public has for officers who keep them safe to undermine the Second Amendment. That’s why the White House’s “reduce gun violence” to-do list included a call for banning armor-piercing ammunition, or in the words Mr. Obama used in his Jan. 16 announcement, “bullets designed to inflict maximum damage.” After meeting with law enforcement last month, Mr. Biden called them “cop-killer bullets.”

Their concern is entirely imaginary, but effective in confusing Americans.  According to a Gallup poll last week, 67 percent of voters would support a new law banning possession of armor-piercing bullets by anyone other than the mlitary and law enforcement — even though ammunition of this sort has been banned under federal law for over 25 years.


  1. Wouldn't banning "armor piercing" ammo mean banning all large game rifle ammo? I admit that I don't know much about ammo, in general, but I was under the impression that 475 H&H Magnum would shoot through just about anything thing you could wear.

  2. Pretty much. But then, that's the point, isn't it?

  3. The way the public is buying up 223's its a ban already. You see how much they want for the damn things, glad I bought my supply a long time ago.......

    1. Yes, bought all my stuff before the 2008 election.