Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Second-To-Last Step


 We would greatly prefer to protect our rights peacefully--but we WILL protect our rights 

For a while now, St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner has argued that Senator Feinstein's (D-CA) grotesquely over-the-top bill to ban regime change rifles (she still calls them "assault weapons," and has certainly shown no inclination to adopt the Department of Homeland Security's name for them: "personal defense weapons") is political theater--a decoy.

The Firearms Coalition's Chris Knox probably described it best, as a political analog to Muhammed Ali's "rope-a dope" strategy, by which Ali wore down a bigger, stronger George Foreman, by letting him expend all his energy on ineffectual blows on a well covered-up Ali in the early rounds, only to overwhelm him in the later rounds, after he had exhausted himself.

The gun prohibitionist lobby would of course love to pass Feinstein's abomination, but they are not counting on it, and will instead be more than happy to settle for a "TKO," in the form of an outright ban on private gun sales. We have noted that, inexcusably, neither the NRA nor the GOP look particularly interested in fighting more than a token battle on that front (although at least the NRA is finally countering the "40% of gun sales are transacted without a background check" myth)--at least if the private sales ban can be confined to gun shows.

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