Thursday, February 21, 2013

Free Section on Craigslist: Unused Wedding Vows (Lucama NC)

Via Cousin John

I have a free set of wedding vows that belonged to my wife who never used them, or followed or obeyed them in any way. As my first marriage, I should have realized there might be some problems ahead when I found out that she had already been married 3 times before.


  1. I know such an individual and my advice to him, because he makes poor women judgements, was to do a weekly rental or at most consider a yearly lease. So far he has followed the advice.

  2. Have you ever noticed that people who have problems with their mates always seem to pick the same type over and over and over...
    Miss Violet

    1. Seems like it, come to think of it. A Torture Wish, I guess.:)