Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NC: Pro-Gun Bills Introduced to Senate...


With help from GRNC, NC Senator Jeff Tarte (R-Mecklenburg, GRNC-****) will introduce two very promising pieces of pro-gun legislation.

Enabling Heroes Act”:

  • Institutes “Constitutional Carry” (permitless concealed carry), as Alaska, Arizona and Wyoming have done, while keeping the concealed handgun permit system intact to permit carrying in more sensitive places such as educational properties and restaurants.

  • Expands concealed carry to educational property for all permit-holders.

  • Narrows the definition of "educational property" to exclude property owned by education systems but not used primarily for education.

  • Exempts non-participants from current gun bans of extracurricular, off-campus school activities (i.e. making felons of otherwise lawful permittees eating at McDonalds when a class field trip stops in for lunch).

Lawful Citizens Self Protection Act“:

  • Expands concealed carry into restaurants, parades, funerals and assemblies of people for which admission is charged.

  • Enables employees with concealed handgun permits to keep firearms in locked vehicles at places of employment.

We need to help put these bills on the path to passage into law. What the legislation needs now are co-sponsors. Let's let our Senators know we expect them to help promote freedom!

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