Thursday, April 25, 2013

Forrest Rides Again


Reunion of the 3rd Tennessee Cavalry....... General Nathan Bedford Forrest's escort......the original scouts. Two Blacks right rear and one, left rear all at  end.  He had 40 some Black Scouts who went with him and fought through the War.  Haven't found out what year this was, but probably early 1900's.
Well, the fans of Jefferson Davis and Nathan Bedford Forrest have had their fun with park names.
What now?

As if we didn't already know, social media and civics don't mix well. The online name-the-parks popularity contest was no contest. Either hundreds of Forrest/Davis fans voted to restore the original names or else a handful of hardcores from the Sons of Confederate Veterans voted multiple times.

The committee appointed to rename the three parks met Monday for 45 minutes but made no decisions. Members got handouts with the results of the web poll as well as a list of suggestions from the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce.

The former Nathan Bedford Forrest Park that triggered this exercise got 525 responses, with 481 of them favoring that name. Ida B. Wells, endorsed in some well-publicized newspaper columns, public statements, and blogs, was the second choice, with just three votes, the same as Civil War Park.

The former Jefferson Davis Park also got 525 responses, including 484 in favor of that name. Confederate Park got 463 votes, with Confederate Memorial Park the runner-up with 7 votes.


  1. I'm pissed that any southern politician would think of allowing a park named after Forrest to be changed due to rank political correctness.

    1. Agreed. This is a city council, so I guess you could call them a politician.