Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rescued at the Point of A Gun: Second Video Confirms Militarized, Warrantless Boston Raids

Via avordvet

Several days ago we posted a video depicting law enforcement officials forcing homeowners out of their residences at gun point as they searched for Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Because the video was not an official, state-sponsored release through mainstream media channels, we were lambasted for publishing false information. Some readers via social media, our commenting forums and email suggested that nothing of the sort happened in Watertown, Massachusetts. They accused this web site, as well as (where we sourced the video), and other alternative media publishers of posting footage of an unrelated incident and summarily dismissed the shocking evidence.

For many, the notion that police, armed like military personnel, would raid homes in suburban U.S.

neighborhoods with brute force and without regard for fourth amendment Constitutional protections such as warrants or probable cause, was something they simply couldn’t wrap their heads around.
Thus, alternative media was once again dismissed by many as peddling conspiracy theories.

So, for those who require their daily directives and talking points from ‘trusted’ mainstream media sources, we offer up a second video as evidence that not only did police and military personnel roll armored vehicles down city streets in America in a de facto state of martial law, but they actively entered the homes of hundreds of residences without permission, warrant or regard for the most fundamental laws of our land.

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  1. I loved the 'rescued at the point of a gun " line, it made my day.

  2. Point your guns back at them! Demand they follow the constitution!! Wake up sheeple

  3. "I'm so happy they're doing their job. You have no idea..." Seriously, you dumb bitch?

  4. But it was okay, because there was a 'terrorist'. Just like it's okay if there's 'drugs'...or 'guns'...or...or...or....

    Remember how you boil a frog? I see steam rising.

    1. Remember how you boil a frog? I see steam rising.