Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gun-control legislation not dead


Hammond is also firing back at President Obama for suggesting that the gun lobby blatantly lied to lawmakers and the public about Manchin-Toomey leading to a national gun registry.

“That’s called projection in psychological terms. That means he accuses other people of being guilty of what is, in fact, his own moral deficiencies,” Hammond said. “This group of people traveling with Barack Obama were up in Hartford, Conn., the day before, smiling and waving as Gov. (Dan) Malloy signed into law a statewide gun registry and a statewide gun ban which came only precipitously short of confiscation.

 So having endorsed and loved and claimed victory over gun registration and gun confiscation, they then fly down to Washington, D.C., and the next day they say, ‘Oh, no one is talking about confiscation and registration.’ I mean, do they think we’re stupid?”

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  1. Oh man this is way worse than that. The dumbocrats have now introduced legislation to control gun powder. ALL of it, that means if you have to register X amount of powder as an explosive. That amount of powder in ammunition would be considered an explosive stockpile. you would need a background check for every pound and every round. Form there it's nothing at all to limit HOW MUCH you can posses, how it's stored and license the possessor of the "explosive stockpile" effectively ending civilian ammo sales, and reloading forever.