Sunday, April 21, 2013

UPDATE: Sold Out: Mil-A-46100 armor plate


I've been working with Kenny on this and don't know if he already contacted you. If he has, sorry to bother you again. If not - maybe you would have an interest.
I'm going to purchase a 4x8x.25 sheet of Mil-A-46100 armor plate. My plan is to cut it up into plate sets of [each set]  (2) 12x10" and (2) 6x8" plates to be used in a plate carrier of choice.
The cost per set will be about $65 with USPS shipping of $17. USPS will ship up to 70# per $17 so money can be saved if people are close to each other. Each set will also include a 4X5 plate to shoot at and convince yourself of the capability. I will have about 9 sets unspoken for.
If there is interest by you or anyone you know please contact me or Kenny.

Dave Dietz
Sunny Hill Farm
Locked and Loaded With Bacon Wrapped Rounds
God Bless America!
In God We Trust


  1. I am interested. How do I contact Dave or Kenny?

  2. Dave gave the business to Patriot Plate and they will be giving us one or two sets for our raffle, so come next month and if you'll lucky get on for free.:) If you can't, then contact him at the link below and his information is listed under Saturday's Raffle. Thanks.