Sunday, April 21, 2013

School Counselor: ‘Whites…Soon Will Be Wiped from the Earth’

 Texas School Counselor Karon Wright Relieved of Duties Following Racist Post

According to her profile on the popular networking website Linked In, Karon Wright describes her professional aspirations this way:
Eager to bring students into the twenty-first century using a unique combination of education and counseling experience coupled with thirteen years of healthcare background in physical medicine and rehabilitative counseling.

Those publicly stated aspirations seem to be in direct conflict with a comment allegedly made by the school counselor — a comment that has gotten her in some very hot water.

Ms. Wright was a counselor at Andrew Jackson Middle School in Grand Prairie ISD. That was until the district announced that she has been “immediately relieved of all duties.” The action was reportedly taken after an offensive remark written from her Facebook page (now removed from the web) was posted on WFAA-TV’s Facebook page.  The statement in question referenced to the tragedy in West, Texas.


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  2. She must have eaten some tainted chicken and washed it down with Obama Kool Aide . The whole statement is nonsense , obviously she has never heard of the Sickle cell or AIDS , not to mention cheap handgun`s in massive numbers that seem to miraculously appear in the hands of psychotic / homicidal street thugs .

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    1. Racism is a 2 way street.

      Agreed, but these days it's predominately one way, I believe.