Friday, May 10, 2013

"Raleigh Lib Takes Issue With Living In The South"

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Senator Berger’s new tax plan leaves little doubt about his vision of North Carolina. Mountains of empirical evidence to the contrary, he won’t let go of his admiration for the South Carolina-Mississippi model. Whether this is the result of ideological passion or sheer denial, he’s dead set in his determination to develop a moon light and loblollies policy. In fact, not only Berger but the whole Republican legislature seem to be living in an airtight bubble of Deep South envy.

Republicans operate on the assumption that the entire state shares their worldview. Even though Triangle residents support serious gun control by a 23-point margin, the GOP just voted to allow murder weapons on greenways in a city with more park space per square mile than anywhere else in the country. It’s not a coincidence, then, that Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham voters already support Democrats on the generic legislative ballot by fairly robust margins. Of interest to the likely U.S. Senate candidate, Berger himself is deeply unpopular in Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh-Durham and Wilmington.

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  1. In a perfect world people like this would go live in Barney Frank or Nancy Pelosi`s districts . Just get the hell out of our lives , we`ll both be happier .

    1. As earlier stated, they screw up the area where they were born and then move down South to complain about how we live and try mightily to ruin our country. Pathetic, little weasels.

    2. They need to hear this more often. Right now they're comfortable, if we want them to leave (or at least shut up)they need to be confronted. Make 'em work to be libs.

    3. Comfortable? I hope not as we do our best to screw with them. Leave, leave, leave, no other option would make me happy.:)