Thursday, June 6, 2013

IWI To Produce Weapons In Vietnam

muctieu0406136-4cd36 Reports That Israeli Weapons Industry is Looking to Open A factory in Vietnam to Produce Weapons for the Far East Market. They could invest up to $ 100 million int he plant. The Vietnamese military have adopted a wide range of Israeli small arms including the Tavor, Negev LMG, Galil SAR rifle and Galil Sniper rifle.

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  1. I am still kind of pissed at the gun graveyard I saw pictures of in Viet Nam thousands of grease guns, thompsons, M-79's and God knows what else. They should have greased everything and sold it. With the way everything is going I trust the Vietnamese govt more than our own...

    1. grease guns

      I had to leave one, as well as a chrome plated AK, a rough battle recovered one, a M2 carbine, a Chinese Communist officer's pistol, a .45 derringer and possibly more that I've forgotten about when I was evacuated from Saigon in April '75. My in-laws threw them into the bottom of their well when the Communists came. The government wouldn't pay me for them because they said I wasn't supposed to have them........