Thursday, June 27, 2013

Marco Rubio a ‘Piece of Garbage’ Who Is Falling Into Washington ‘Power Structure’

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 Glenn Beck: Marco Rubio Falling Into Washington Establishment on Immigration Reform

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has begun to upset of a number of influential figures on the right due to his work on immigration reform with the “Gang of Eight.”

After Rubio spoke out in defense of his actions yesterday — which some on the right have said would lead to the creation of a “special class” of former illegal aliens who are exempt from certain laws and penalties — Glenn Beck responded on radio by calling Rubio a “piece of garbage” who is being sucked into the Washington establishment.

“He’s not trying to do the right thing,” Beck said with a snort.  “He’s falling into the power structure.”

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  1. During his campaign, I heard him speak at our town square. I filmed a lot of his speech. He said all the right things and got my vote. He was elected to represent Florida in the Senate. Now we see that he represents Central America instead. I doubt that the demoncraps will ever run a candidate that I will vote for but am certain that I will never vote for Rubio again no matter who runs against him.

    1. West said he hasn't ruled out running against him.