Thursday, June 27, 2013

NC: Mecklenburg County commissioner Kim Ratliff under fire for racial statements

Via WiscoDave

A Mecklenburg County commissioner is under fire for making statements with racial overtones that have some people calling for removal – or at least a reprimand.

This time, it’s not Bill James, the longtime Republican commissioner who’s been known to utter divisive remarks.

It’s Kim Ratliff, the board’s Democratic vice chairwoman, who told WBTV that she’d prefer commissioners not choose a “white male” to be the next county manager.

In the first story, aired Friday, Ratliff, who is black, said the county needs a manager who is “a nonwhite male who can have good working relations with all people.”

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  1. This woman is a racist, pure and simple. She should be fired, period. If a white chairperson said that a non-white male cannot be chosen, the NAACP, Al Sharpton and the ACLU would be all up in Charlotte's business. Discrimination is discrimination, no matter what the direction.

  2. Fire her now!!!!