Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rich ‘progressive’ bullies way into gun debate


 Lerer thinks Congress needs his "outside leadership" to disarm his countrymen.

Huffington Post co-founder and venture capitalist Ken Lerer has made it his personal mission to “destroy the NRA,” Business Insider reported yesterday, assuming “reported” is the right word to use when profiling a key investor in their corporation.
Lerer has launched “Stop the NRA,” a manic hodgepodge of a website aggregating just about every hysterical left wing anti-gun rant out there from sources as "diverse" as Think Progress, CSGV, The Huffington Post, MSNBC and other bastions of objectivity.

“Stop The NRA is dedicated to ending gun violence in America,” the report continues, without explaining how disarming those who don’t engage in “gun violence” will accomplish that end.

“Lerer has been working on the gun issue for 12 years,” we are informed, albeit what innovations or successes he’s had in all that time remain unclear.

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  1. Sounds good: economy destroyed, healthcare system destroyed, attempts to destroy the judeo- Christian founding of the country, military/boy scouts and all other great American organizations on the path to destruction- oh we left out guns and the rest of the constitution ... We are almost there 3rd world status here we come.