Friday, June 7, 2013

Rural Colorado counties propose 51st state

Via Bonnie Gadsden


County commissioners from rural Northeastern Colorado are pursuing a plan to splinter from the state and create a new one following a legislative session they say ignored the values that form the fabric of the region.

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  1. Eastern WA, Eastern Ore. & Western Mont. have tried to form their own state years ago because the three regions have similar cultural (conservative) mindsets, the new state would have been called the Inland Northwest....the three states concerned fought it tooth and nail...loss of tax revenue was something they couldn't abide...or so I've been told.

    1. loss of tax revenue was something they couldn't abide

      Tough. The liberals would have to work...........

  2. The comments there on the Coloradan site remind me of the ones here in the Northwest. The liberals just won't wake up, even after all thats going on in DC. I'm even more convinced this won't be settled without violence.