Monday, July 1, 2013

My daughter Virginia on Obamacare

I thought I'd tell you how RIDICULOUS Obama and the health care system is. When I made my appointment for the MRI, I asked how much it would be as I have a PPO and I pay a 60/40 after my deductible is met. They told me they bill out insurance at $1,800 but if I choose to pay cash then it was $300. I made them repeat it 3 times as I was in disbelief. How can I have insurance and it cost me more? I was on the phone for about 2 hours with the insurance and getting nowhere when I decided I was just going to pay cash. I felt it was safer bet. I was specifically told that the insurance company will NOT allow me to count this towards my deductible. CRAZY.

Well it gets better. Friday I come home saying that the MRI that was requested was DENIED as it was deemed "medically unnecessary" ARE they kidding? SO now, in my free time I'm going to send them my report that clearly shows abnormal and demand they at least include it in my deductible. I also had a MR angioplasty upon the neurologist request so now I fear that's not going to be covered. He did this to rule out blockage from blood vessels, which came back clear. And they expect US to pay for all the people on Welfare to get free insurance?