Monday, July 1, 2013

Snowden 'Marooned' in Russia, Ecuador Backs Off Asylum Offer

Image: Snowden 'Marooned' in Russia, Ecuador Backs Off Asylum Offer

NSA leaker Edward Snowden's fate seemed to grow more dire Sunday as the president of one country offering him asylum seemed to back away from the offer while the nation currently hosting him won't let him leave the airport.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange acknowledged Sunday that Snowden appears to be "marooned in Russia." The president of Ecuador -- Rafael Correa -- said that the Ecuadoran documents originally issued to Snowden were a mistake and that Snowden is ultimately Russia's problem.

"He doesn't have a passport. I don't know the Russian laws, I don't know if he can leave the airport, but I understand that he can't," Correa told The Associated Press. "At this moment he's under the care of the Russian authorities."

Despite Russia's repeated claims that Snowden is not technically in their territory, Correa said "this is the decision of Russian authorities."

Snowden is said to be in the transit zone of the Moscow airport. He has a standing request for asylum with Ecuador, and Correa said that if he arrives at an Ecuadorean embassy, the country will analyze that request.

But Ecuador reportedly revoked refugee documents that potentially could have been used to get Snowden to South America.

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