Friday, August 16, 2013

Antagonist Al Sharpton now claims ‘battered race syndrome’

Via The Lonely Libertarian

Bring in the clowns.

Stepping up the rhetoric to fan the flames of America’s racial divide, the Rev. Al Sharpton has invented a new affliction to describe U.S. race relations: “battered race syndrome.”

Sharpton announced this new disability on his radio show Tuesday:

“Some of us have battered race syndrome. We’ve developed, so many of us, a loser’s complex. It’s almost like the battered syndrome when people battered by their mate, they just automatically get ready for being battered, never occurring to them that they are full human beings and shouldn’t be submitting and subjecting themselves to that."

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  1. is this why black gangs wander the streets and attack anyone they perceive as weak? battered my ass!!!

  2. Always looking for that angle. Always looking to get something for nothing. He is a bottom feeder. He holds "his people" down while he gets rich. The worst of the worst.