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Bringing Black Folks Out of the Closet

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HK Edgerton with Stonewall Jackson, Lee, and Jeb Stuart

HK Edgerton shows us how he deprograms Black Southerners

“What they have done, is niggerize the South”Cornell West

…by  Jim W. Dean,  Veterans Today Editor


 HK working the crowds. Mass media will never show images like this

HK Edgerton is known as a Black Confederate because he is a fervent opponent of anti-Southern discrimination, which with the onset of the scourge of political correctness it was open season on Southerners. And of course everybody knew that meant WHITE Southerners.

Virtually any form of opportunistic hatred could be piled on the South under not only the lynch mob banner of collective guilt, but then Ne0-PC transgenerational guilt.

Abe Foxman paved the way for the latter through a famous interview he gave with young Germans years ago.

Eager to question the ADL honcho who had lynched more Germans (figuratively) than any man alive, they asked they why they, who had not even been born during WWII, should have to pay reparations for what the Nazis did, and for how long.

It was recorded that the ‘Fox’ paused before his answer, and skipped part one, the answer for which was of course, “Because we want the money”. For the second part he said with a delightful smirk, “Ehhhh…for just a few more generations”.
I am just guessing here but I think the delay was due to Abe calculating out the maximum years he might live to collect his $500,000 a year ADL salary. He earns this by keeping track of vandalism statics for the Jewish community, including the 25% that are estimated to be fake hate crimes to gin media attention when business is slow.
 Fast forward years later when I was in the media biz, I was shooting historical footage with a well know black personality which I shall not name. We had been discussing the aspects of anti-Southern bigotry during the day between filming sessions in what turned out to be a very frank discussion.

There was general agreement that stirring up animosities between blacks and whites in the 21rst century could be attributed to someone wanting to continue using the old divide and conquer game as they always had.

When we were wrapping up at the end of the day my guest made a statement that surprised me, and was the perfect period to put at the end of the interesting day.

He admitted that the South bashing race hustle was openly discussed amongst his inner circle of civil rights friends and as an example he shared a discussion he had that with the infamous black radical Cornel West, the Princeton professor locked into his Afro hairdo time warp (no…I am not a fan of the professor).


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