Friday, August 16, 2013

POLL: Few Voters Agree With Biz Lobby & Pres. Obama on more immigrant workers

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A new national poll of 1,000 likely voters provides insight into why a massive and expensive mobilization effort by business and immigrant groups this month has failed to generate much grassroots passion to persuade Members of the House of Representatives to pass the immigration bill that the Senate approved in June.

The Aug. 8 survey found that most voters simply aren't convinced by the arguments of the business lobbies and by Pres. Obama that increasing the number of immigrant workers allowed to hold jobs in the United States will be good for American workers, especially for those who cannot currently find a job.
  • Only one out of five voters (19%) agrees with Pres. Obama's and the business lobbies' central claim that passing the Senate bill to add millions more foreign workers to the labor market would "create economic growth which would provide more jobs for unemployed Americans."
  • Instead, nearly 70% of voters chose the answer that "adding more immigrant workers would increase job competition for unemployed Americans, making it harder for them to find jobs."
(The full text of all questions and answers is available for public evaluation.)

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