Monday, September 16, 2013

Police Officer shoots UNARMED man 41 times, reloading twice

Via The Lonely Libertarian


  1. "... department didn't call them to apologize".

    Why the hell would they call to apologize?!
    He's a mundane, for God's sake!
    The family should be grateful he wasn't raped... post-mortem, and then dismembered. And, *they* are still alive, aren't they? The masters let them live, and maybe won't even confiscate their babies. It's a good outcome.

    On a side note: the family lost a loved one.
    They will grieve, then they will settle on a $million or so, and everyone will be happy.
    Revenge?.. What revenge?!.. Let's be reasonable. Everything - and everyone - has a price. Someone you love gets brutalized or even murdered, and my advice is: just get the additional food ration that you will eventually get offered, and a new pair of work boots, and be satisfied that they did not test the sharpness of their swords on your children.

    It's all for our own safety, of course.

    God bless the benevolent Masters! God bless Obama! USA! USA! USA!