Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Marlin 795 Liberty Training Rifle now shipping


After a long wait, Marlin Liberty Training Rifles are now in stock for order via, and it sounds like more are on the way. (Best quote I received was $216.)

The 795 LTR is a partnership between Marlin and the Appleseed Project, optimizing a 795 for the course of fire taught at Appleseed events nationwide. the rifle comes with Tech-Sights, two ten-round magazines, a web sling, and a gift certificate good for a full weekend Appleseed event.

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  1. You wouldn't believe the state of firearms training in the USMC these days. I've been working aboard Camp Lejeune for about a month now. This is what I see almost every day. Groups of young Marines in grassy areas right beside main base roadways gathered around a 55 gal drum in a semi-circle about 50 feet at most out from the drum. They have what appears to be AR-15 type rifles but I think they are air soft. They are sitting or stooping in various informal positions shooting one or two at a time at the barrel which has some spots of white paint painted on a black background.
    Most seem to just be watching. However, I do see some improvement. Today I saw a group gathered at one of the usual sites but the 55 gallon drum had been replaced with an orange traffic cone and they were shooting at it from what amounts to pistol distance.

    1. Mind boggling. Thanks. Do you live in Jacksonville?

  2. New Bern area. When I went past that spot today there were 6 or 8 guys at the
    "training spot. They were lying prone on the ground with their feet on the edge of the sidewalk, less than 5 feet from the street. They were shooting the orange traffic cone which was about 25 feet if that much from them.

    Shooting a 2' tall traffic cone from 25 feet? When I was 9 years old I was shooting vines smaller than a cigarette into with a .22 or a bb gun at way more than 25 feet.

    1. I imagine the The Sling Shot Man could show them a few tricks.:)