Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Riot Control: DHS Spends $500,000 on Fully Automatic Pepper Spray Launchers

Via Cousin John

 The Department of Homeland Security is increasing its preparations for domestic unrest by spending half a million dollars on fully automatic pepper spray launchers and projectiles that are designed to be used during riot control situations.

In an announcement of a no bid contract posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website, the federal agency signals its intention to purchase nearly 240,000 pepper spray projectiles, 100 pepper spray launchers, as well as 36 “riot expansion kits”.

The PepperBall TAC-700 pepper spray launcher “features full auto, semi-auto, or 3 round burst providing up to 700 rounds per minute,”according to the company which will provide the DHS with the weapons. It is also “accurate to 60 feet with area saturation up to 150 feet.” The weapon is routinely used in riot control situations around the world.

According to a video demonstration, the TAC-700 has a “strong psychological influence” on the people it is being used against because it is so loud and sounds like an automatic machine gun.


  1. Looks like we need to stock up on gas masks and replacement filters. Kind of retarded considering - we deal in lead.

    1. Kind of retarded considering - we deal in lead.


  2. WTF is a riot enhancement kit? Provoceteurs in a box? Extra JBTs?

  3. Place a few rounds of those puppies around the fresh air intake on an M.R.A.P. and watch.

  4. I am not implying anything, I am not advocating or inciting, anything.
    I am simply citing statistics...

    In my home state of Washington, there are 6,897,012 (stats from 2012) people.
    And 440,000 CPLs (concealed pistol licenses).

    Obviously, it means that, statistically, in any crowd of a noticeable (for stats) size, at least every 16th person carries a firearm LEGALLY.
    That, of course, does not take into account that this kind of statistics includes toddlers and everyone below 21 (when they can get a concealed license), demented disabled people who live in nursing homes (who may still have a license, but hardly ever be found in a crowd), and people with prior criminal history(who cannot have a concealed carry license).
    In other words, it's safe to assume that in my state, approximately every 10th person you see in the street, carries (or at least, CAN carry) a handgun under his shirt or in her purse...

    Now, please make your best guess how many of those people in a crowd of, say, 1,000 people, will be less than happy when their lives are in danger because someone is firing at them?..

    Note: that question would have to be applied to each and every one of 100 (!!!) armed and pissed off people in a relatively small crowd of 1,000.

    So, pepper spray those folks?!.. Ha. Ha. Ha.
    Just saying...

    1. What the regime is banking on is a Martial law event whereby your constitutional rights go out the wndow furthur with confiscations of many things including guns, gold, and any damn thing they think they want to complete the plan, IMHO.... then these tear gas machine guns will be used to calm folks into submission. One only has to look and post Katrina New Orleans and more recently Boston to see how easily most people will surrender

  5. They actually did us a favor with Katrina...It woke a lot of people up to what they were capable of...Hopefully people won't be so easily subdued next time around...