Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Re-post: An Open Message to Police and Military

Via Paul


  1. I got stopped today in a traffic stop on a back road in NC about 8 miles from
    my home. 1 state trooper, 4 sheriff's deputies and the policeman from a town who's city limits are about 3 miles away. They checked my license, looked at my plates and sent me on my way. I used to think nothing of these stops. After all I wasn't doing anything wrong and it's only a minor inconvenience and maybe they are really looking for a bad guy but recently I've been thinking what gives them the right to stop me with no probable cause and hassle me? After spending a year on the grand jury, I realize how many times cops harass people into giving up their rights resulting in being charged for something the officer had no legal authority to look for.

    Things are still relatively sane around here but it sure looks like the law is getting out of control. For the record, I consider myself to be a "citizen" (in their parlance) and a friend of LE but I'm starting to worry about their attitude.

    1. I'm the same way as all my dealings with cops, especially around Tarboro have been more than cordial, but as you say........

      Where are you in NC?

    2. I was in Jones Co. today when I was stopped. Live in Craven.

    3. Not far from here. We'll have to get together. Here is my info from those two counties.

      Tuscaroras And (My Family)
      On September 23, 1711, my 6X grandfather, his wife, and five of his six children were killed by the Tuscarora Indians at Core Creek, NC,

      and I have found the place where it occurred. This branch of my forefathers came over in 1709 with the Swiss-Palatines who founded New Bern in 1710.

      The Indians went on the killing spree after continual encroachment upon their lands that moved up the river from New Bern. The slaughter occurred over a period of three days, and about 200 settlers were killed. The massacre was a Day of Remembrance in NC for over 100 years, and *reports state that women were killed by having saplings forced into their vaginas. *Shown to me and my half-brother John Koonce in 1988 by an elderly lady who was a librarian in New Bern.

      The Tuscarora were almost wiped out later as a result.

      My 6th Great Grandfather Was Recognized As Fighting/Dying In The Militia At Core Creek At 35 Years Of Age. A son who was seventeen at the time was also killed, but there is no mention of him. His wife was killed, his daughter, who was but three, was killed, and my fifth great grandfather, at seven years old, was missed somehow, and most fortunately.
      "In the following year, his name appears in an official record of claims paid to persons in Craven Precinct in consequence of militia service rendered by themselves or their testators, intestates, or assignors, during the Tuscarora War."

      Koonce is my surname, as my aunt adopted me after my mother died at 28 when I was 13 months old.

      Four Of His Seven Grandsons Served In The Craven County Militia
      "Four of these sons--John, George, Jr., Tobias and Michael--are included in a muster of Craven County militia for the years 1754-1756."

  2. Well I know it won't be long now until the end . It's past the time that God should have said .....enough is enough I'm starting every thing from scratch again .
    We are stepping over every line of civility . How much lower can we go ?
    Every day when I think I've heard it all, something even more ridiculous comes up !

    1. Imagine if someone had said we would be at this stage in the fifties or sixties.