Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NC: 'Queen Anne's Revenge' dive raises 5 cannons


BEAUFORT — A small arsenal of guns covered the deck of the Coast Guard Cutter Smilax this week after a mission that seized a few pieces of history.
Five cannons were raised Monday from the Queen Anne's Revenge shipwreck site at Beaufort Inlet, the most recovered at one time from the wreck considered to be Blackbeard's flagship.

“Today is definitely a red-letter day: five guns coming off the site,” said David Moore, who has been a member of the QAR team since recovery efforts began.

The five concretion-covered cast iron cannons averaged about 2,000 pounds each and are among the largest of the guns recovered from the shipwreck site. They fired six-pound cannons and were used in defense of the Queen Anne's Revenge, which sank after running aground nearly 300 years ago.

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