Saturday, November 16, 2013

The mysterious tale of a lost Revolutionary War cannon and how it was found in Alabama

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One of John Burgoyne's cannons is finally back where the British general and his redcoats lost it more than 230 years ago: the Saratoga Battlefield, scene of one of American history's most important battles.

After spending the past 40 years at a museum in Alabama, the cannon has been returned to the upstate New York landmark, thanks to a chance remark four years ago - and some dogged investigative work by U.S. Army and National Park Service employees.

The rare, 555-pound artillery piece, known as a six-pounder for the weight of the ball it fired, disappeared in the early 1960s from a barn near the battlefield, officially known as the Saratoga National Historical Park.

"The long-timers here at the park had always heard about this cannon that was legendary among park staff," said Christine Valosin, the Saratoga park's curator.

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