Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Problem with Win First

This will be the last defense of secession I post for a while.  I hope many of you are coming around to the idea, especially those of you who live in the American Redoubt.  Secession provides a legal framework and entity (the state government, if we can elect representatives with the cajones), and then we provide the muscle to defend our state.

As the debate between the planners and the ‘doers’ forges right ahead, we’ve seen plenty of win first statements.  ‘Win first’ specifically refers to winning the revolution before planning for the needed governance to follow; revolting before they even plan how resistance or revolution is executed after the first month. I admire that camp’s enthusiasm and vigor in wanting to re-introduce Constitutional principles back into Constitutional government; however, it’s not one that I can support right now.  Simple revolt produces second- and third-order effects for which they need to plan.

Lincoln had a favorable and lenient approach to the Reconstruction of the Old South until he was assassinated.  What followed was a ‘second-order effect’ that produced a less desirable, unforeseen, and down right vindictive outcome.   The Federal government under Johnson and Grant punished the South instead of simply allowing the States to be readmitted into the Union.  What are the likely second- and third-order effects produced by the ‘Just Do It’ crowd?  Probably not too great for the Liberty movement.  In fact, I’d argue that it would bring more regime surveillance and action over those who espouse Liberty as their quasi-religion.

I see several critical shortcomings in their strategy, if you can call it that.  To restate that strategy, it’s two fold:  leave our country, or get killed.


  1. Which battle is that painting depicting?

    Who is the artist?

    When and where was that battle fought?

    I copied the enlarged version, and uploaded it to my "CONFEDERATE" set in my FLICKR account.

    Thank you for posting it.

    I wish you'd include an enlarged version of all the illustrations you post, for many of them are real keepers.

    1. Sorry, I forgot to post the link, but the artist is Don Troiani, my favorite by far. His painting is "Gray Wall" and depicts "In late 1864, a battle line of Confederates of the Army of Tennessee, fight against overwhelming odds as Union troops ascend."

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  3. There can be little doubt now , some kind of massive split is coming . It will be violent , ' they ' cannot let us go peacefully ......... WE are the host that feeds the parasites , they will starve to death without us . W. Russell

  4. It's "cojones", not "cajones". If you are going to use foreign words, at least spell them correctly.

    1. Address your comment to Sam the author at his blog.