Thursday, December 12, 2013

9mm recommendation at a deal

It appears EAA is moving away from their Turkish manufacturer SAR ARMs
in favor of their Italian line of "Witness" models.

Both are CZ 75 knock offs.  The one at the link has nothing but high remarks
everywhere I've researched it online other than a few personal quirks.

I have one on order now.  Mine was actually 10 bucks more when I ordered it Sunday.

It went up to 275 yesterday but is back down to a new low today.

It only comes with one mag but mags are available from Buds and some other online sites for low $20's.


PS:    Check out some of the youtube reviews on it.  It’s nothing fancy and a bit quirky in some minor ways, but looks to be a solid piece built by the company that builds most of the arms for the Turkish military.  

It’s a CZ 75 clone and the CZ 75 is a Browning Hi-Power variant, so it’s got good lineage.  The barrel is polished stainless steel rated for 25,000 rounds.

$231.00 and $237.93 @ Bud's


  1. Price is back up to 275 this morning. Keep watching it. For some reason they are raising and lowering the price every couple of days. At 275 it's still a good buy
    but for just over 300 you can buy the EAA Witness version with more features.