Tuesday, December 17, 2013

If America is so bad, blacks – why stay? Mychal Massie suggest Liberia for nonstop complainers


A fact in retail is that there ultimately comes a time when you are unable to satisfy a customer who insists on being irrational and/or is unwilling to accept what is being done for him or what is being offered to him. When you have exhausted all efforts to accommodate said customer, you apologize and politely offer that it is apparent, despite your best efforts, that you are unable to satisfy him. And you suggest that perhaps his or her interests would be best served elsewhere.

Two articles I wrote about this past week caused me to consider the aforementioned. The first piece was titled, “Black athletes not taught to put education first.” The second piece I wrote was titled, “Why is Santa white? Who cares?” One was written in response to an article by Ann Killion and Nanette Asimov who opined about the poor graduation rates of black athletes at Cal Berkeley (“Cal graduation rates divided along racial lines,” Nov. 26, 2013). The other was in response to Curtis Sails III, teacher from Milwaukee (whom I would call a raconteur lacking in both wit and skill). Sails wrote one of the most specious pieces of betise I have read since “Christianity, Islam, and the Negro race,” written by Edward Wilmont Blydon in 1887. In that epic piece of flawed supposition, Blydon argued Islam was better for Africans than Christianity.

Which brings me to the question: What else can be done to satisfy angry black militants and those who claim continued dissatisfaction and contempt for the America you and I love?

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  1. How about we make a deal with Liberia. We send all of our felons there to do hard labor building their infrastructure, and they take thse felons as citizens when their term is up?

    1. The tyrant thought of it first. :)

      Lincoln supported the Colonization Society sending them to Liberia

  2. I too understand why Black people are ANGRY! transgendered PEOPLE GET MISTREATED & MISUNDERSTOODD TOO i feel you! & im germen!