Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Progressive propaganda outlet freaks out when politician mentions actual purpose of Second Amendment in passing

My third great grandfather was an Ensign in the Revolutionary War, and saved the flag at the Battle of Brandywine. 


There are few things that scare the citizen control movement more than those individuals that dare remind the citizenry that the primary purpose of the Second Amendment isn’t about hunting or even defending your home from criminals, but defending your community against tyrants, both foreign and domestic… even if that comment is made in passing.

Think Progress’s Ian Millhiser is the latest dainty progressive to take to his fainting couch over someone stating the obvious:
During an interview with a conservative podcast, New Hampshire state Rep. JR Hoell (R) predicted that a day may soon come when conservatives need to rise up in armed resistance to their elected government.
If you listen to the actual audio Hoell doesn’t mention anything at all about “conservatives” rising up in armed resistance to the government at all. Millhiser is being purposefully dishonest.

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