Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Illegal Alien & Convicted Felon Freed Twice By Feds After Seeking Asylum Both Times


If there was ever any doubt to the lack of competency of our federal government the case of Jessica Martinez should lay all doubts to rest and prove that they are totally incompetent in protecting Americans.

Martinez and her husband Juan Veliz were illegals from El Salvador and they had five kids.  Apparently, in 2003, the couple used a stolen identity to apply for Social Security benefits, food stamps and any other government handout they could get.  In 2004, the couple were caught and arrested.  Police charged them with identify theft.  They were first sent to jail and then given three years of felony probation.

Veliz was deported back to El Salvador, but Martinez managed to stay in the US, seeking asylum.  She claimed that she would be killed if she was deported back to her country and that she was a crime victim and not a criminal.  While her asylum request was being processed, she was released back into the general population.

Not long afterward, Martinez was arrested and convicted of another felony, grand theft, for her part in a real estate scam.  Her original asylum request was still pending, so the Department of Homeland Security once again released her to walk the streets.  In keeping with her criminal record, Martinez had several more scrapes with the law, but was always allowed to walk free because of her request for asylum.

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