Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Police forbid Connecticut gun activist from ‘soliciting’ on DESPP grounds


In addtion to banning guns on premises, DESPP headquarters is also evidently a First Amendment-free zone.

An officer of a Constitution State gun rights group says he was ordered Tuesday morning to stop passing out business cards to gun owners waiting in line to register guns and magazines in compliance with a new state law. Lenny Benedetto, a founding member and Vice President of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, says he was threatened with arrest outside the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection in Middletown if he continued inviting those in the queue to learn more about his organization and how they could join and support the group’s lawsuit against the new law.

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  1. Totally Communist. Those "leaders" will go on vacation someday. But certainly not outside of their fair State. Not without armed guards.

  2. The illusion of freedom is rapidly vanishing in this country

    1. Wish it was a bad dream and we wake up to find that we've back in Mayberry.

  3. Gun Owners (Sheeple) waiting in line to register......TRAITORS ALL! To hell w/ passing out literature...why bother!