Friday, December 13, 2013

Sharpsburg Memorial Illumination


On Saturday, December 7th, several Va Flaggers traveled to Sharpsburg, MD for the 25th Annual Sharpsburg Memorial Illumination.

Every year, hundreds gather to honor each of the 23,110 soldiers killed, wounded, or captured during the Battle of Sharpsburg.  A candle is set and lit for each one.  As the sun sets, the sight is one that is hard to describe...and offers a glimpse of the magnitude of the sacrifice of the men who fought there.

It was our second year attending, and as was the case last year, we were invited by a local Boy Scout Troop to assist the hundreds of volunteers who set up and light the 23,110 candles, and wanted to ensure a Confederate representation during the event. 

With the temperature hovering around 30 degrees and a stiff wind, lighting the candles was a challenge, to be sure.

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