Friday, December 13, 2013

Victim managed to kill one of attackers before death

A botched Tuesday evening robbery left two dead men as the result of fatal gunshot wounds.

Lt. Curtis Muhannad with the Selma Police Department said Selma resident Willie “Dusty” Berry, 77, died as the results of gunshot wounds suffered during an attempted robbery as he returned to his home at Highland View condominiums in the 2700 block of North Broad Street on Tuesday evening.
“We believe that as he exited his vehicle and attempted to enter his residence that was approached by two black males and an attempted robbery occurred then,” Muhannad said “We believe the elderly man was shot first in his abdomen. He was armed and was able to fire a shot striking the first suspect, a Lester Jones Jr. of Orrville, in the head.”

Muhannad said Jones Jr. was left unconscious on Berry’s porch, as Berry attempted to make his way to a neighbor’s residence
“The elderly man sought to get to a neighbor’s house and was struck another two times by the second suspect,” Muhannad said. “And then the second suspect fled on foot while the elderly man was able to advise a neighbor that he had been shot.”

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