Friday, February 28, 2014

Mother Jones: Study Shows Global Warming May Cause More Rape


The phenomenon of global warming has been used to explain many things, but now Mother Jones is quoting a study saying it might cause more rapes of women. 

Matthew Ranson, an economist, avers that there is a historical connection between warmer temperatures and increased crime. He said, "Looking at the past, we see a strong relationship between temperature and crime. We think that is likely to continue in the future."

Ranson utilized the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's projections of the effects of global warming in the U.S. to estimate that between 2010 and 2099, warmer temperatures will "cause" an additional "22,000 murders, 180,000 cases of rape, 1.2 million aggravated assaults, 2.3 million simple assaults, 260,000 robberies, 1.3 million burglaries, 2.2 million cases of larceny, and 580,000 cases of vehicle theft."

That amounts to 2.2% more murders and 3.1% more rapes. John Roman, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute's Justice Policy Center, agreed with Ranson that the warmer temperatures would indeed be a problem, saying, "To the extent that climate change causes people to be out and interacting more, there will be more crime."

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  1. Actually the picture portrays a more positive scenario...If the Earth warms....there will be more ice cream. SUV owners promote more ice cream!

  2. In other news, a study shows that global warming can cause your dog to not love you any more and the Koch brothers to sneak into your apartment when you're gone and use up all the toilet paper.

    Really, is no claim about global warming too absurd for these lunatics to uncritically parrot?