Sunday, March 23, 2014

"Do you have the courage to put your name on the same document that helped get Chief Harger fired?"

 Here's Chief Harger in our group photo, front and center with a white shirt and cowboy hat. 

We've all heard these famous last words; maybe we've even used them:  "What's the worst that could happen?"  Well, Police Chief Shane Harger of Jemez Springs, New Mexico (yes, it's a state) found out just what the worst is that could happen when he signed up for the recent CSPOA conference, held on January 24 in Las Vegas.
The worst that could happen is, you get detained by airport security because you are flagged as a potential terrorist due to your affiliation with 'radical patriot groups.'  Then, when you arrive home from the conference after signing your name to possibly one of the most significant documents you've seen in your life, you find out that you've been fired - in fact your whole department has been shut down - due to your dangerous political affiliations. 
Chief Harger heard about the CSPOA through the grapevine and called us out of the blue, just to find out more about the organization.  It was just a few weeks until the next convention, so after a personal discussion with him we decided to invite him and one of his men to attend the conference.   
Once at the event, we heard remarks from Chief Harger about what a relief it was to know that there were other people like him out there who were still willing to stand up for what's right in the face of looming opposition.  He was the one who made the statement we alluded to in a previous newsletter, "I've been to a lot of conventions and meetings for law enforcement, but I've never attended one that started with a prayer.  Right then I knew this was something different."  

The CSPOA has been in frequent communication with Chief Harger since the event.  CSPOA staff met with Chief Harger and his family in Utah over the weekend recently for a little R & R and some intense meetings. We had to ascertain if he indeed wants to fight this atrocity and to find out if his wife is on board also. They both are! His wife is a wonderful lady and their son is a very well mannered eight year old.

We plan to back the Hargers all the way and make an example of the TSA's tyranny and highly improper hiring standards!
Do you have the courage to put your name on the same document that helped get Chief Harger fired?  We hope you do, because the more people that sign, the less they will be able to stop it!
Please follow this link to read the resolution on our web site, where you can see others who have signed and add your name to the list.    

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