Sunday, March 23, 2014

NC: Video of Renee Ellmers Berating Anti-Amnesty Constituents

Via NC Renegade

 Rep. Renee Ellmers berated constituent for amnesty - 'You don't have any damn facts!' VIDEO

This fake, b---- conservative needs to go.

Yesterday, Ron Woodward of NC Listen reported on a meeting he had with Renee Ellmers on the topic of immigration and amnesty. He claimed he had exited the meeting appalled both by her positions and by her behavior.

One of the constituents attending the meeting recorded the conversation.

The Randolph Tea Party posted the clips online, and exclusively forwarded the links to PJ Media. Four clips of the meeting are embedded below.

At one point, Ellmers says of Woodard: “You don’t have any damn facts.”

Ellmers claims he is stereotyping, and constantly interrupts him. This conduct occurred after she had inconvenienced the group by changing locations at the last minute, refused to let all of the attendees into her office, and insisted she had to be leaving shortly.

Listen to her positions on immigration, and see if they follow her claim that she holds the same positions as Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee. Yesterday, Lee’s Communication Director Brian Phillips answered her claim with this statement:
Sen. Lee’s position has been very clear: piecemeal legislation, one bill at a time, evaluate and verify each step as we implement the reforms. We have read Rep. Ellmers’ most recent op-ed on reform and it sounds a lot like how the Gang of Eight tried to sell comprehensive immigration reform, something Sen. Lee spent several months last year opposing.
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  1. So was she corrupt from the start and just stringing everyone along to get elected, or did her brief exposure to the tainted air of Mordor turn her onto the path of Evil?

    I don't suppose it really matters. At this point she definitely needs to go.

    1. My guess, corrupt from the start and I was thinking the other night that she would switch to the Democratic side in a heartbeat if she could get elected. Screw her.