Friday, April 11, 2014

County Commissioner Says Bundy Supporters “Better Have Funeral Plans”

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Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins has caused outrage by remarking that Utahns planning to travel to Nevada to support Cliven Bundy in his standoff against the feds “better have funeral plans”.

The comments were revealed by Darin Bushman, a Piute County, Utah, commissioner after he spoke with Collins about Utah ranchers and his colleagues on the County Commission complaining about tactics used by Bureau of Land Management agents during their seizure of Bundy’s cattle in southern Nevada.

“I was just told by commissioner Collins of Clark County NV that all of us folks from Utah are a bunch of “inbred bastards” and if we are coming to Clark Cointy NV to support Cliven Bundy we all “better have funeral plans”. We should “turn our asses around on mind our own f-ing business”. Now there’s some classy leadership for you,” wrote Bushman on his official Facebook page.

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  1. Sounds like the county commissioner has just made a death threat. Hey Tommy here is a hint for you; Playing judge, jury and executioner is NOT a part of your job description. NO, that nice shiny badge does not made it so either.

  2. Did this guy just paint a target on his own back? Might be a special election coming soon to Clark County.

  3. Here is another clue for Tommy, there are two lines you NEVER want to cross; the horizontal and the vertical. I'll make a swag (scientific wild ass guess) If any bad happens to Mr. Bundy, Tommy's soon to be very short life will become very in Karma meet Bitch

    1. He's a strange cookie as he also said that the sheriff should get evidently get involved with the Feds.

      The commissioner also lambasted Clark County Sheriff Douglas Gillespie as being, “too spineless to exercise his Jurisdiction”. Earlier this week, Cliven Bundy called on Sheriff Gillespie to start arresting BLM feds on charges of trespassing and theft.