Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sheriff's office gets MRAP



The following is my "letter to the editor" in response to an article in the April 16th edition of the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen.

I don’t know about you but I feel much safer after learning that the Sheriff’s SWAT team now will be getting a MRAP all  their own! From the battlefields of Afghanistan to the cornfields of Dodge County…

Well I can certainly see why after reading in the same day’s paper about the disorderly conduct over a Brewer’s game in Waupun. Or what about that neighbor directing his downspouts onto another’s property? That fight in Beaver Dam? Next time the strippers at Silk get into a fight over a tip– SEND IN THE MRAP!

The increased militarization of the police all across this nation is getting ridiculous and now it expands to Dodge County. After all why should Sheriff Ninmann be the only Sheriff not to have one? Small towns throughout this country are likewise getting these “free” vehicles.

I am glad Dodge County has an extra $5000 to cover the cost of transport. That’s hardly a drop in the bucket. So small an amount that I wish the Board of Supervisors would pass the hat and collect the money. Maybe the Sheriff’s Department could hold a bake sale and raise the funds.

Plenty of money in the departments training fund – the Deputies have nothing else to do so might as well get trained, right?

Maintenance? No worries there either with plenty of extra funds to go around.

Yes, the costs of this vehicle will be insignificant in relation to the overall budget. Why spend the money for something like this? Has the Zeta cartel moved into Dodge County?

I admit that the house in Burnett looked pretty sketchy on TV a while back…

Kudos to the brave Sheriff’s Deputies who have been going to work every day patrolling the mean streets of Dodge County without a MRAP having their backs. I haven’t read about any IEDs yet but there was dog feces all over a yard in Beaver Dam.

If Sheriff Ninmann and the County Board are concerned about “what If” scenarios I would like to point out that the military is considering eliminating the A-10 Warthog program. After all, the MRAP might need air support for a loose bull someday.

I suggest the Board members and the Sheriff get baking.

Dave Dietz
Horicon, WI


  1. Just a FYI: the last 2 generations of the MRAP in Afghanistan had a little problem with molotov cocktails as the MRAPs were not fireproof.