Wednesday, May 28, 2014

NC: Elections Board Has Quarter-Million Cases to Probe

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With a quarter-million questionable voter registrations on the books in NC, it’s no wonder the state elections board needs more investigators. That’s also why sustaining and enforcing the state’s recent voter reforms is more urgent than ever.

One of the articles in the NC Insider (a subscriber-based state politics news publication) this week reported that Kim Strach, Director of the State Board of Elections (SBOE), is asking the General Assembly for money to hire more investigators to look into election-related complaints.
Kim Strach

Strach appears to be taking the results of what she called the “Kansas cross-check” seriously and indicated the SBOE would focus its emerging investigation on the smallest group of questionable voters revealed in the report. Strach referred to the 765 voters whose first and last names, dates of birth and last four digits of their Social Security numbers match up with a voter registration in another state and who have vote histories in both states for the 2012 General Election.

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  1. What? Voter fraud? I'm shocked I tell you, just positively shocked! Next thing you know, dead people will be voting too. Let me guess, the current situation helps a certain party, the fourth letter of the alphabet, get elected and stay re-elected. The labling of Kim Strach as a racist who hates poor people, gays, unions, children and cute puppies will start in 5, 4, 3....

  2. Kim Starch is a breath of fresh air to the SBOE. She was instrumental in indictments against Mike Easley and Jim Black under previous administrations. As a result of her efforts she was appointed as director of the SBOE once the Republicans gained control. This week she announced the hiring of a 28 year veteran FBI agent as part of the SBOE investigative team that is going to start investigating the double registrations turned up in the "Kansas cross-check". Word on the street is that this cross-check system has been available for a number of years to the states that would sign onto the multi-state compact taking part in the cross-check but the previously Democrat controlled SBOE would never sign onto it. Once the Republicans gained SBOE control and signed onto the compact the information came to light. Gee....I wonder why the Dems never would sign onto it? :)

    1. Great news about her, Thanks.


      I wonder why the Dems never would sign onto it? :)

      An unfathomable mystery.......:)