Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Two Men Threaten Young Lady over the Phone, Show Up With Guns, Armed Dad Steps In

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An armed father is not someone I’d ever want to be on the wrong side of. That’s exactly what two men in their twenties faced last night though.

According to media reports, the two men had called a woman at a Salt Lake City residence and made threats. When the woman stopped answering the phone, the men decided to show up at her home – armed with guns.

The pair kicked in a door to the home, which alerted the girl’s father. The father grabbed his handgun and went to confront the intruders.

When he recognized the men, they fled.

According to KSL,


  1. From one Dad with daughter to another; Outstanding! First round is on me. World and all you young mud puppies out there, pay attention and learn - This is how a real macho badass man behaves. You step up RFN, to protect the women in your life and others. Be their protector.Notice too, he did not call 911 and hope that help arrives in time. I assume too that the punks were in need of a change of underware after this social encounter.

    1. They're lucky they aren't dead.

    2. The only reason I can think of, is that he (dad) didn't want to be stuck filling out all that damn paperwork in triplicate. Or they could have been such losers that shooting them would have been a waste of good military surplus ammo.

    3. :) They certainly don't exude favorable expressions.