Saturday, June 28, 2014

"I'm proud to be an American so we teach other primitive countries how to behave.........."


 Kerry Wall Blood

Kerry And His Mystical Khmer Dau (Rouge)


“Eighty-two countries prohibit the public support of the LGBT community, promote homophobia across society, or criminalize homosexuality. That is equal to more than 40 percent of the United Nations Member States,” the bill says.
“We’re not going to sit around and permit what we have fought for so hard to be undone,” Secretary of State John Kerry said. “And as I said earlier, LGBT rights are human rights and human rights are LGBT rights, so we will protect them, period.”

Sen. Markey Wants to Establish Special LGBT Envoy at State Department


  1. And if a country is homophobic, then this gov threatens them with unconstitutional
    American tax payers foreign aid. If a sovereign country has their own values different
    from the US, then they are punished. Bunch of Stalinists, self-righteous hypocrites.

    1. Bunch of Stalinists, self-righteous hypocrites.

      Who sorely need their comeuppance.