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The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Lincoln, Slavery & Confederate Historical Groups



It would well benefit every adult American, particularly those who respect our American history, to learn about the Old Confederate Soldiers Home, where it was, who paid to have it built, who lived and died there and what the situation is on that sacred ground today.

This property is located on the Boulevard in Richmond, Virginia, and today several buildings set on this site. One of the buildings is an original chapel, it is referred to as the Pelham Chapel, The Confederate Memorial Chapel, and it is listed as a National historical building and also a state historical site. In reference to the Museum, the chapel is out to the rear of the museum, off the beaten museum path.

It is a treasured, revered place by many Virginia and other Southern and some Northern descendents of old confederate soldiers who lived out their years in the buildings of The Old Soldiers home. As with many other things, the Liberal Left Wing morons of our society, wanted to have the two small confederate flags that were fixed on the front of the confederate chapel removed. So they drummed up an excuse and changed the lease agreement with the Sons Of Confederate Veterans camp that caretakers the chapel. THIS WAS WRONG, IT IS UNFAIR, ILLEGAL, DISCRIMINATORY, AND SIMPLY DISGRACEFUL AND DISRESPECTFUL to all who lived there and to all of the ancestors of Confederate Soldiers.

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Lincoln, Slavery, and the Liberals at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

I am a Southerner, I was born in Richmond, Virginia, and I am thankful for this. I have lived and visited with many kin in Richmond, Southside Virginia, North Carolina and other places. I have read letters and heard second hand stories from the older relatives who had stories and experiences from my ancestors who were in the war for Southern Independence. I have read numerous firsthand letters describing fear from the Yankees, desperate events, food shortages, and the treachery of the Yankee army.

I have relic hunted in addition to have visited many battlefields across Virginia, and have lived in houses on several battlefields. I have a lot of knowledge on events and persons in this war and from some civilians who were harmed by it.

Today, most people could care less about the war, just as they also care less about America today. Children in public schools are totally uninformed about Americas significant men and women who made America, they do not know our history, and in fact they do not know or care about modern history from WW-2 and after or before. You can ask 10 young people at random who were the world leaders or the nations primarily participating in world war 2,  and who knows what answer they will give.

So is it any wonder why so many of these history depleted citizens should know when a person, government or a Museum takes an action and uses lies, untruths and ignorance for making their decisions and policies. Many companies, towns, cities and states have elected ignorant political correct, spineless, gutless individuals to make decisions, and they have no clue and it is Monkey see, Monkey do. This permeates our society, coupled with more and more non American born persons coming into the picture and further diluting the knowledge base, dilution any love for our American traditions, and you have more Mexican celebrations in America than American ones.

This is absolutely SHAMEFUL.

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