Monday, July 21, 2014

Rep. Carolyn Maloney of New York wants Capitol Police to investigate Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt for ...

Via avordvet

 Gurning contest winner Maloney doesn't like the First Amendment any better than she does the Second.

 ... it’s not quite clear what laws she alleges he’s broken, or what authority either they or the House Sergeant at Arms would have for following up on her complaint.

The news of the latest baloney from Maloney comes from a Wednesday entry on Roll Call, where we learn she was reacting to yet another in a seemingly interminable line of transparently ridiculous anti-gun hit pieces in Rolling Stone.

Pratt’s “offense”?

He actually had the gall to claim “the Second Amendment is for “for restraining tyrannical tendencies in government … especially those in the liberal, tyrannical end of the spectrum.”

The nerve of the guy. Next thing you know, he’ll be quoting homegrown terrorists!

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  1. What a good little NAZI. How dare a surf question the current Fascist regime and its tyrannical Fuhrer. She would have made Adolph proud a true mother of the Fatherland.

    Just so everyone understands NAZI stands for National Socialism. It never in any way dealt with the right side of the political spectrum. The true political line would look much more like.

    The Left
    Communist Progressive Democrat
    Nazi Liberal
    (National Socialism)

    The Middle

    The Right
    Republican Conservative Libertarian

    I know the progressives have distorted history to the point most believe that Nazis were the opposite end politically from communists. That simply is a lie. Nazi is not a conservative in any form it is a different form of communism or more accurately socialism. I see Obama while having Marxist theory influence he is acting much more like a Nazi not a communist.

    The major difference in philosophes between communist and Nazi is ownership not control. The Communist has government owning everything for the common good. The Nazi allows for private ownership but with complete government control for the national good. The similarities between the two styles are much greater than the differences. Of the two Nazi produces much better results both for the country and the individual.

    If you honestly look at the way Obama is governing it is much more Nazi when compared to communist. There is private ownership of property and businesses but Obama wants total control on how they operate. I think the major problem Obama is having with the Nazi model is he HATES America. He hates everything America is and what it stands for and wants to destroy the country. A true National Socialist must love his country and work to have it dominate.


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