Sunday, August 10, 2014

How to deal with diseases in long term survival situation

 diseases in long term survival situations

There are great concerns about possible Ebola pandemic spreading outside Africa, media is bombarding us with this information. We also have ongoing discussion with interesting updates on our forum.

You can read all sorts of information online, like possible reasons for fast spreading in Africa including religious beliefs and rituals there where people handled bodies without proper knowledge, contributing to the fast spreading. They also say that lack of general knowledge about diseases, hygiene and eating bush meat along with lack of training of local medical professionals caused the mess. Interesting to read, no doubt.

They also say that there is no way of some doomsday scenario of sick person getting onto regular flight, contaminating everyone, because it spreads through body fluids only etc.

All good info, but somewhere at the end of article there is one sentence that goes like this: „… so there is clearly no reason for panic…“

As I said few times before, whenever someone from government, law enforcement, or similar says „no reason for panic“ I get strong urge to buy more ammo (food, water, gas masks…).

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  1. Good info
    Also gran. Sugar has antibacterial/antiseptic properties for deep wounds. Dairy farmers cover a prolapsed uterus in sugar to prevent infection.
    Sugar and iodone mixture will kill some fungal infections. Strong iodine---7percent is impossible to get w/o a prescription. Regulated because it "could be used to make meth".
    Get the strongest you can find. Honey also has antibacterial and caffeine can be used to treat an asthma attack.strong coffee.


  2. cinnamon oil mixed 1:3 with water or olive oil is also a good anti-bacterial/anti-fungal solution.

    I just ordered a box of these that I hope I never need to use:
    3M 1870 Surgical Mask N95 3M 1870 Surgical Mask N95 Box of 20
    (NIOSH-certified, unique flat-fold/three panel design, highest level of fluid and splash resistance and reduces wearer's exposure to airborne particles. Bacterial filtration efficiency greater than 99%. Latex free.)

    TB is bacterial, but Ebola is viral, so probably won't help for the latter.

    1. I have some and reminds me of the time I bought three gas masks and later wondered why, since one would do me absolutely no good. :)

    2. Cinnamon is also good for regulating metabolism. Can't substantiate it and vets won't admit to it, but I've used it successfully in large animals.

      re: ebola. Being a "first world country" still (sort of) we have the benefits of clean water and better nutrition. If ebola runs rampant here, the mortality should not be as high.
      Theoretically. I don't know the % of Americans on multiple medications, with diabetes, heart disease and other ailments that are related to our carb rich/low physical activity lifestyle.

    3. Thanks and I'm not knowledgeable either,

    4. I have heard that, too, about cinnamon helping diabetes problems - rub it right over the area where your pancreas is located (don't ingest). I am convinced that the Big Food indjustry is not what it used to be and that there is willful tainting of both the food and water supply that has had a horrible effects on people's health. Children who are suffering from weight problems eat a lot of crummy food (but so do skinny kids), but they don't get 10% the exercise we did as kids in the '50s both at home and at school. I ate a lot of so-called 'junk food' as a kid and never had weight problems until much later in life.

      Be much more worried about the TB carriers, but be worried about it all. This is a willful attack on us all by our Rogue Govt.

    5. they don't get 10% the exercise we did as kids in the '50s both at home and at school

      Good point, always outside.

  3. Actually I could be wrong about that lower mortality thing. While not in the same family of virus types as the S.infuenza of 1917 that killed millions worldwide, it killed those in prime of life specificaly because the immune system strong response was what killed them. Some of those who survived were incapacitated w. Encephalitis lethargica.
    The movie Awakenings.)

    Euther way I have no confidence in any gvt or official institution to tske the best course of action for the country.

    1. because the immune system strong response was what killed them.

      Didn't know that.

  4. Hormonal birth control --weight gain
    Antidepressants .1 in 4 women on mood elevators which are also endocrine disruptors.
    Our food is packaged with soym
    .unfermented soy has estrogenic properties causes weight gain and feminization of males.notice all the testosterone supplements?
    And nanny state gvt telling us not to eat sat. Fats (meat.butter. dairy) and low fat. Which has added sugar to replace the fat (that is good for you)

    1. Tante Marie, the aunt of my brother-in-law, was born in the United States, but married her first cousin when she visited German before WWI. She stayed there through both wars and finally came back to NC in 1950. The most prized possession for her during WWII was bacon drippings. Her accounts are truly riveting and she actually had more food during the war than the two years afterwards when the allies were in charge. More truth that has been covered up.

    2. Your site is the best for history. Real history. Thanks!