Sunday, August 10, 2014

Short Memories: Once Upon a Time, Killing Civilians was Kosher for the Brits

Via Susan

While British Prime Minister David Cameron several times called for a cease-fire in Gaza, and described a strike that hit a school as “appalling,” and his new Foreign Minister, Phillip Hammond, characterized the situation as “simply intolerable,” the P.M. has stoutly resisted pressure to condemn Israel during Operation Protective Edge.

On Tuesday, Sayeed Hussain Warsi, a pudgy Pakistani solicitor who never held office and was wafted to the House of Lords and made “Minister of State for Faith and Minorities” to show just what humane multiculturalists the Tories are, resigned from the Cabinet. 

And though ground operations have ended, Cameron’s coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats, and Tory backbenchers are now calling for a suspension of arms export licenses.  The vilification of Cameron by the Left has meanwhile reached new depths.

In the middle of July, 45,000 people demonstrated in front of the Israeli Embassy west of Kensington Park.  The Palestinian flag has flown over the Glasgow and other town halls.  More disturbing are the boycotts.  The Edinburgh Festival canceled performances by Israeli companies.  Lancet banned articles by Israeli researchers.  The National Union of Students endorsed BDS.

The British had a different attitude not so very long ago. 

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