Wednesday, September 10, 2014

'Armed patriots': the private citizens out to secure the U.S. border

Via avordvet

With binoculars in hand, an assault rifle slung over his chest and a Glock pistol on his hip, a man named Will scans the banks of the Rio Grande looking for anyone trying to cross from Mexico into Texas.

Will is a member of the Patriots, a group of heavily armed private citizens who use displays of force to intimidate people attempting to cross the border illegally. Since early summer the Patriots have patrolled an area near Brownsville, Texas.

"If you spot them and shine your light on them, that lets them know that you're there," said the 25-year-old construction worker from Indiana who flew to Texas for a stint with the Patriots. “Nine times out of 10, they're not going to come over.

"Even if they are going to try to cross again, we're still making it harder for them, and that's the reason we're here."

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  1. Wish I could be there. Gotta slave to pay the bills, though. Seems to be the norm, and why we can't really get any headway in fixing this country. Too busy slavin away to survive.

    1. Too busy slavin away to survive.

      Most are except the fat cats and those on welfare, everyday to them brings no worries.

  2. Slightly off subject, anybody think we are due for some terrorist shit hitting the fan since tomorrow is 9-11? Dont get me wrong, I like it quiet, but we should always have a plan. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  3. Yes, as I can't come up with any other reason for them hitting on a day when we are on alert than they just could do it no matter what, but I believe they could have already hit many, many times and wonder if they are in cahoots with the Obama controllers as to what/when to do. Thanks.