Monday, September 15, 2014

‘I Had To Protect Them.’ Houston Shopkeeper Kills Armed Robber, Gets Death Threats From Robber’s Family

houston robber

When an armed robber pointed a shotgun at his sister, 20-year-old Usman Seth snatched a Smith & Wesson handgun out of his father’s hands and opened fire, striking the robber in the leg. The robber fired back while hopping around the family’s Houston convenience store, but missed, as Seth yelled at the robber to drop his weapon.

When the robber refused to give up, Seth put him down for good.


  1. Outstanding, righteous that he shot him and killed him, cops ought to tell the perp's family if anything and I mean anything happens to that family and you will be Swatted and won't survive. He was armed, he lives and dies by that!

  2. Unfortunately, the response from the po po might be, "do you have a permit for that handgun?".

  3. Permit in Texas hell no. CHL yes. But this kid was 20 so it's a non issue.