Monday, September 29, 2014

NC: "Just when you thought Chapel Hill couldn’t get any kookier along comes THIS GUY”

 State Rep. Graig Meyer, D-Orange
  “Loony Tune” 

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A Democratic state lawmaker from North Carolina is raising eyebrows with comments indicating he’s ashamed of his own “whiteness.”

“Just when you thought Chapel Hill couldn’t get any kookier along comes THIS GUY,” wrote Brant Clifton of the Daily Haymaker blog in a column about lawmaker Graig Meyer.

Meyer, described on the blog as “um, ‘interesting,’” was quoted discussing “Whiteness, White Guilt, and um, ‘White Supremacy,’” in “Courageous Conversations About Race,” by Glenn E. Singleton.
Subtitled “A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools,” it includes Meyer’s comments:

“The truly difficult work is looking deep within myself to recognize where my own reservoirs of whiteness reside and what value or burdens they present to me,” the excerpt states. “Every time I review Peggy McIntosh’s inventory of white privilege I learn something more about myself, and – through attentiveness to my own experience – I think I could add a few more forms of racial privilege to her list.”

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  1. White privilege? Let's see is that when I was told in the late 70's and early 80's to forget about getting a federal civil service job because no matter how high I scored on the test there would always be a black Vietnam veteran who's 20 point preference would top my score? Or was it when I wanted to buy a dump truck and haul rock and asphalt on state road projects and was told by my buddy at the paving company that he would give me all the work he could but I'd have to get in the back of the line and once all the minority owned and woman owned trucks were loaded I MIGHT get a load here and there. Or is it when contractors bidding on state and federal jobs don't get the job based on price or quality of work but rather based on minority participation?

    Just curious. CH

    1. Criminal. The test wasn't easy when I took it, but I understand it has been watered down to idiot level.

  2. We're doomed. Ain't no other way around it. All the once great cities are gone.
    White guilt? None here. When the white race was unfortunate enough to stumble
    upon blacks, what sort of condition were they in? Well, the simple answer is
    the same condition they're still in. This goon is white, like it or not, and he will be
    in the same boat as other whites.